Book Review: Attitude by John C Maxwell

‘Attitude: What Every Leader Needs to Know’ by John C. Maxwell is a motivational book of how with the wrong attitude, you can destroy the morale of the whole team.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part talks about the impact of attitude on leaders and on individuals. The second part brings out the formation of attitude, and in final part he discusses about moving forward with the right attitude.

The book shares relevant research studies, quotations and anecdotal stories on how attitude makes a difference. I particularly like the narration of two shoe makers who were sent to an island to sell shoes. The two shoe makers realised that no one wore shoes. The first shoe maker informed his family that he is returning as no one was wearing shoes. The other, called his family and asked for additional 10,000 pairs of shoes saying everyone here needed shoes. This is a simple analogy but reflects the difference in attitude.

Most of the time in life, our personal goals and greed clouds the truth and we end up making wrong decisions.
Maxwell also explains how attitude is core in team works. In a team, if one person with attitude messes up, then the whole purpose is defeated. I particularly love Maxwell’s equation of abilities which sums up to:
1. Great Talent + Rotten Attitude = Bad Team
2. Great Talent + Bad Attitude = Average Team
3. Great Talent + Average Attitude = Good Team
4. Great Talent + Good Attitude = Great Team

Maxwell also outlines what success is. He shares that comparing yourself with success stories of Bill Gates, Einstein and others is not success. He shares how persisted perseverance, dedication and sacrifice, makes you successful.
‘Attitude’ is an inspirational book sharing us how attitude determines how far one can go on the success journey. The book gives a reality check on how successful people today, also experienced failures in life but their willingness to change took them to where they stand today. I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to grow in life and become successful.

John C. Maxwell is an American writer and pastor. He has written many books about leadership, some of which have made it on the list of New York Times Bestsellers.

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