Book Review- Developing the Leader Within You

The book gives techniques on how to become a successful leader. The author shares about his leadership experiences and systematically arranged leadership techniques into ten major chapters. Every chapter is so interlinked in a synergistic chain illustrated with quotes, examples, and exercises which assist in evaluating readers to discover their potential and assess their leadership performance. This book serves as a simple and practical tool through which one can develop a successful leader.
The book is designed in a manner that is so simple to understand and practice directly by the reader. The author also included many leader’s quotes and stories to connect his principles of developing leadership within oneself. It is important so that readers can validate the applications of the author’s view. This book is particularly targeted for aspiring leaders and those who haven’t realize their role as a leader.
The book begins with a definition of leadership as ‘Influence’. Developing influencers within the leader is one of the most important elements of leadership. Concerning influence, the author also describes the five levels of leadership; Position, Permission, Production, people development, and pinnacle to help in understanding the essence of influence. Knowing priorities is illustrated as a key to successful leadership. The author shared a principle called the Pareto Principle of 80/20 where 20% of priorities should give 80% of production. A leader must develop a character that helps in building strong trust within oneself and others. Character is the foundation of leadership. Authenticity, self-management, humility, and courage are the four dimensions of successful leaders. A leader must embrace good values, practice self-leadership, and value people. The ultimate test of leadership is creating positive change. A leader must focus on bringing positive change although it may not be as easy always. However, creating positive change would help in enhancing credibility. Ability in problem-solving is described as the quickest way to gain leadership. The plate of leadership is always filled with problems. Solving problems not only serve as stepping stones for success but also introduce a leader to opportunities. The way one handles problems would ultimately say about the leadership. The extra-plus in leadership is considered an attitude. Whatever-it-takes mindset is the quality of a successful leader’s attitude. A positive attitude creates a positive atmosphere, which influences the people they lead because leadership has less to do with position than it does a deposition. The heart of leadership is identified as serving others, not oneself. Developing the power of serving others is the key to success. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington are cited as servant leaders in the book. A leader must develop the heart of a servant and hand of a servant. Vision is the indispensable quality of leadership. A clear vision enables to see everything differently otherwise meaningless details of lives. Hellen Killer said; ‘To have sight without vision is worse than being born blind’. Self-discipline is described as the price tag of leadership and it comes before leadership success. Interesting self-discipline is developed not given or inherited. Lastly, the expansion of leadership is described as personal growth. The potentiality of growth will determine the ability to lead further in leadership. Only growth guarantees that tomorrow will get better and growth mindset is considered as the seed of hope. Developing a leader within oneself is life long-journey and one must learn every day.
This book is recommended for young leaders who aspire to become a successful leader. It just takes around 8 hours to complete the book but much enriching than its size. Assignment at the end of each chapter helps in discovering and testing the reader’s leadership attributes thereby expanding and growing leadership skills. This book worth reading.

October 10th, 2019 by