Emotions to tears and to Strength

Publisher: The Bodley Head, Penguin Books, 2016

Life is uncertain and death is one sure thing that each one of us must go through one day. It is devastating as Paul Kalanithi left the world so young at the age of  36, a person who could offer so much to the world through his skills in neuroscience ( done Medicines from Cambridge) and who was as good in literature (Got MA English from Stanford University). We are  fortunate that he left behind wisdom for the readers which is fore-worded by Abraham Verghese.

The author shares his journey of life from being in a perfect health to the decline of good health which led to his last breath. Also the part of his life where he and his wife Lucy Kalanithi, decided on having a child; the toughest decision for choosing to have a new life when one life is closing to an end.

The faith caught him into the stages where in one time he saved patients and the next time he became the patient. The book has his experiences as a neurosurgeon, saving people but at the same time witnessing many deaths. This journey made him to realize the reality of life and at one point he also described how the air he always breath, did not seem the same anymore.

Starting from sharing his calling in life, the book also takes the reader through all his genuine emotions and happenings in his personal and professional life. The passion in his job and experiences is thought provoking which leads the readers to question on the kind of life that is worth living and to reflect upon their life.

My emotions flooded while reading this book and I was able to count my blessings to be grateful of. It is one book that made me emotional and kept me to keep reading for every pages i flipped ignited the mixed feelings of sadness, hope and curiosity. It energized me and also aroused in me the strength to never give up in life.

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