Book Review : Kuenzang Wangchuk

Together finding purpose at crossroad Me + We
By Alvin Ung, Published in 2018

What is my purpose in life? Why am I born? What are my priorities in life? Am I making the right decision?
These are the questions I frequently encounter in my life. However, after reading this book it gave me a deeper understanding about finding purpose through callings in life. The author interviewed around 100 purpose-led leaders who found their purpose in life and their secrets. The author describes about how to discover callings in life. It is already around us, but we have to recognise it at the right time, right place and right situation. Identifying one’s core values was another interesting part highlighted in the book. The inner values that guides our decision and helps find the callings.
The author also discovered that core strengths of individual plays a very important role in finding purpose. One have to use their core strength in the right way to make positive impact and help find callings in life. The author shares the story of the founder of Uber whose strength was to winning at all cost. However, he lost his position in the company due to overuse of his strength that resulted in conflicting with the legal regulations and will of the governments. That example was powerful.
One of the key elements to find calling is having a life-giving goals in life. No matter how much one achieves, it should give life, meaning and satisfaction. One cannot find purpose alone, we need to find purpose together by having a shared vision and working together by taking smaller steps first.
The best part of the book is it includes exercises that is practical and ask the readers to identify one’s callings, values, strength and life giving goals. With this, I was able to at least discover my core values, life giving goals and core strengths. However, I need to work on my calling in life and improve other identified elements. It really helped me identifying my core values (family, friends and loving kindness) that would guide my decisions in life. The tips that the author shared in making life changing decisions in life using his own example was a powerful tool I would say. We must do analysis on the options, weigh it and relate it to the core values and deciding during the most appropriate time (in the morning) was amazing technique. Don’t make decisions when you are angry, stressed out or not in a good mode.
I would highly recommend this book to those who are struggling in finding purpose in life and experiencing the same questions that bothered me as well in life (why I am here, my purpose, and my life?). Are you having tough time making life changing decision? This is the book that will help you to sort things out. Highly recommended.

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