Life of Pi

Life of Pi is a story of a boy named Pi, who survives a distressed shipwreck and spends his life in a lifeboat with a tiger named Richard Parker.

In the story, the family of Pi runs and owns zoo in their hometown in India, Pondicherry. Pi is a deep religious follower of all religious paths. One day the Pi’s parents decide to sell the animals and migrate to Canada on a cargo ship. A dreadful storm befalls during travel. Pi was very excited to see the storm, but the next morning he finds that all his family members are carried into the ocean. He finds himself into lifeboat accompanied by some animals like Zebra, hyena, ape and tiger named Richard Parker. At first Pi doesn’t see tiger in boat, as he is hiding underneath the canvas of boat. The hyena kills injured zebra and ape and eats. Finally Richard Parker comes out from canvas and kills hyena.

Now Pi and tiger is only survivor in the lifeboat. Pi is very afraid that Richard Parker may kill him in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. However, Pi tames Richard Parker before he kills him. They become friends later. Pi discovers an island but the island was carnivorous. So they leave immediately.

Eventually they reach Mexico and Richard Parker goes into the wood and never comes back. Transport authority questioned Pi and they don’t believe to Pi’s story. However, Pi narrates a different story. The transport department admits that story.

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