The New Asian Hemisphere

After the end of Cold War, Western domination in the Asian countries fell gradually. Especially end of Cold war brought way to age of modernity to the Asian Countries. Japan is the first country to learn western technique to develop and it spread to Singapore, China and rest of the Asian countries. Significant changes were made in the field of Science and Technology, education and trade etc. Kishore Mahbubani in his book “The New Asian Hemisphere” opined that by next 30 years largest three-economy countries would be in Asia. Out of top hundred universities in world, 14 universities are in Asia. Tremendous changes were made in the field of science and technology. An October 2006 Time Magazine Cover Story, “Asia’s Great Science Experiment” published by 2010, 90% of all PhD holding Scientists and Engineer will be living in Asia.

Thomas Friedman recently recalled his experience attending the commencement ceremony at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, one of the best America’s Science and Engineering school. He was stuck by one fact as the names of PhD student were read out and each was handed his or her diploma every biotechnology, Computing, Physics and Engineering every one of the newly minted PhD was foreign born. “As the foreign name kept coming –Hong Lu, Xu Xie, Tao Yuan, Fu Tang- I thought the entire class of doctoral students in physics was going to be Chinese, until “Paul Shane Morrow” saved the day.” The rise of west transformed the world. The rise of Asia will bring about an equally significant transformation. Thus, Kishore Mahbubani opined that West should celebrate Rise of Asia rather than taking it as a competition.
Indeed this book covers western domination in Asia from the time of colonial period till end of Cold War and changes after Cold War in Asian countries. Perhaps this book is worth a read by politicians and leaders of the country.

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