A Collection of True Stories by Bhutanese Addicts

This book contains a collection of touching stories about the struggles of 15 recovering addicts all of whom are young Bhutanese boys and girls. I got my copy from Lama Shenphen Zangpo who is well known in Thimphu for working with youths with substance abuse problems. I recommend this book to all Bhutanese youths, both clean and addicted, as this help raise awareness on the dangers of addiction, and for those who are already addicted, it shows some hope on how they can get rehabilitated. My 12-year old son read it too and was very touched, and I feel he also understood the dangers of drugs. You could get a copy of this book from Thimphu Nazhoen Pelri (YDF) (Phone No. 02-333-303.

June 21st, 2015 by