What makes leaders great?

The 8th HABIT from Effectiveness to Greatness by Stephen R. Covey is an absolute must – read by all aspiring for ‘Leadership of the Self’. In essence, it captures what leadership is all about. It describes human being from the Whole Person Paradigm – mind (pathfinding), heart (empowering), spirit (modeling) and body (aligning). It is completely whole when all are treated in unison or interdependently. Neglect of any one of the four dimension will turn human into a thing. This paradigm parallel can be drawn to the Buddhist leadership qualities like khen tse nue sum – which can be loosely connected to mind (knowledge), heart (compassion) and spirit (influence or authority) respectively. From the Buddhist parlance, it can be surmised that a great leader is someone who transcends beyond the self and sees human as a whole. This is exactly what the western literature points towards the great leadership.
Therefore, putting this whole person paradigm into daily life practice makes leaders great. It is like having a third eye – an eye of wisdom to see all things including human objectively and interdependently. That’s why, in our own history, we saw and heard many Bodhisattva leaders who blended spiritual and secular affairs keeping welfare and ‘service above self’ as the foremost objectives. This is embodied in our beloved Kings – the complete unison of body, speech and mind of all times. Countrymen! Learn from the graciousness and greatness of our Kings.

June 29th, 2015 by