Of Politics, Relationships and Terrorism

For a non-fiction, this is one of the most exciting books I have ever read- its almost like watching a thriller movie. It reveals the secrets in the decades-old relationship between the Bush family and the Saudi Royals, and explains its impact on American foreign policy, business and national security. It exposes the different and subtle ways in which political masters could engage in corruption, how the governance and operational structure of a country can be master-minded or manipulated by people we erect as leaders; how political power can be used and/or misused for personal interests.

What interested me most are sections of the books which talks about the business (oil) linkages between the Bush family and Saudi Royals/elites; how the US (perhaps unintentionally) empowered Osama Bin Laden (and the emergence of the Al Qaeda network) during its intervention in the Soviet-Afghan war, and Saddam Hussein during its intervention in the Iraq-Iran war to fight the fundamentalist regime in Iran; how this ultimately lead to 9/11 and the war against Iraq; the repatriation of Saudi businessmen and Bin Laden’s family members from US soil in private jets when the US airspace is tightly restricted days after 9/11; the secrets behind funding of terrorist groups; and the prognosis on US-Saudi relations post 9/11.

It is certainly a well-researched book, and a very provocative one at that. And what I liked most is that all the information sources are cited, which makes the information authentic.

It got me re-thinking (a hundred times at least) on if democracy is really the best form of government.

July 1st, 2015 by