Searching for Values in a Competitive Age

The book is about childhood. It talks about the needs of a child during the early stages of growing up as well as understanding them throughout. There is a lot about psychological needs of a child that every parents and teachers should know or be reminded of.

Most often we hear of a youth having committed suicide due to depression or a youth having indulged in substance abuse or some sort of juvenile delinquency. There is a lot of issue regarding dysfunctional family, divorce, lack of parental care or too much of aggressive parenting. The nation is putting in place strategies to support the youth and curb juvenile delinquencies and also to ensure that we bring up youth who will be productive for themselves,their family and the nation.

Answers to many of the questions and doubts that we carry with ourselves in terms of parenting and how our children grow up can be found in this book.

In addition to the brief synopsis above, following are the reasons why I would recommend everyone to read the book:
1. This book is a result of independent research on childhood done over eighteen months by a panel of experts from diverse educational backgrounds.
2. The book starts with whether there is a problem and what children need to have a good childhood.
3. The book tells us about the different styles of parenting and how each can have positive and negative impacts on childhood.
4. The book talks about the role of a family- increasing role of the fathers besides the traditional roles played by the mother.
5. It talks about the role of the working parents and how one can change one’s perspectives to overcome the belief that working parents do not have time for children’s care.
6. It talks about the negative effects of putting children under group care which most working parents seem to do in this modern times.
7. It also talks about how a family discord can affect happy childhood.
8. The book tells us about the seven ways of promoting a better and more loving family for our children which can serve as a reminder for those who already practice and a lesson for those who do not practice and who are going to be new parents.
9. The book also tells us about the need for good friendship and friends, romance and sex as they grow up and how as parents we need to understand these needs. Mental health of children as well as many great recommendations to take care of children above everything.

I found this book very helpful especially at the time when I am juggling between work and two teenagers. Teenage is a very stressful time for children and it is equally stressful for the parents to handle situations. This book with its practical recommendations will help anyone through.

PS. I do not have the copy of the book. The book was gifted to our Hon’ble Minister by His Majesty The King. It was my luck that I got hold of the book. However, I have asked some book shops in Thimphu if they can bring in the book. I shall duly inform everyone as and when the book is in town.

September 9th, 2015 by