Leaders Eat Last Why Some Team Pull Together and Others Don’t


LEADERS EAT LAST – Why Some Team Pull Together and Others Don’t

This interesting book has a number of thought provoking examples drawn from real life examples towards achieving successes to become a great leader.

The main message Simon Sinek trys to tell his readers is – the responsibilities to break or make an organisation lies with the Leader. By sharing real life stories the author conveys to his reader, the important roles a leader must play. And quite often the leaders who lead the mass, not necessary understand the impact their leadership roles play on those who follow them, he writes.

Sinek says that ‘EMPATHY’ is the key to truly lead. He shares the story of fighter pilot, Johnny Bravo who despite all odds manages to protect his mates fighting on ground in Afghanistan. “Because when people know that their leader are providing protection from above, they can work hard on the ground, without being concerned about the danger of outside.”

Sinek also talk about the importance of work environment and treating the employees with respect. “We do not have power to change people. We must enhance the environment,” he writes.

On cultivating the ‘circle of safety’ the authors write, “ The whole purpose of maintaining the circle of safety is so that we can invest our time and energy to guard against the dangers outside. It’s the same reason we lock our doors at night.” Sinek tells us to focus on helping each other by exchanging information and ideas that will take the organization forward instead of keeping things to ourselves because one is afraid that someone might steal that idea.

Leadership Lesson 1 – So Goes the Culture, So Goes the Company, “In a weak culture, we veer away from doing ‘the right thing’ in favour of doing ‘the thing that’s right from me.” Sinek tells us about the story of Goldman Sachs and how this organization lost its high reputation because of its greed.

Leadership Lesson 2 – So Goes the Leader, So Goes the Culture. Sinek talks about – I before You. Me Before We. Sadam Hussein came to power in Iraq by wanting to be in charged and letting no one stand on his way. He was in it for himself, for glory, fame, power and fortune. “We work to advance the vision of a leader who inspires us and we work to undermine a dictator who means to control us,” Sinek writes.

Leadership Lesson 3 – Integrity Matters, citing examples of two Marines who felt asleep on duty, one who denied and other who owned up immediately, Sineks writes, “ Leadership, the Marines understands, is not about being right all the time. Leadership is not a rank worn on a collar. It is a responsibility that hinges almost entirely on character. Leadership is about integrity, honest and accountability. All components of trust. Leadership comes from telling us not what we want to hear, but rather what we need to hear. To be a true leader, to engender deep trust and loyalty, stars with telling the truth.”

Leadership Lessons 4 and 5 – Friends Matter and Lead the People, Not the Number. Sineks talks about, To Win or to Serve and how Enemies Fight and Friends Cooperate.

Sineks also writes about how the cause of the problem is US and gives us some tips toward Becoming a Leader.

This is an entertaining book with stories of individuals and companies and I highly recommend this book to everyone who is a leader in our own way.

Reviewed by on July 14th, 2018