Review of The Monk who sold his Ferrari


The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, a best seller by Robin S. Sharma, is one of my favourite books. It basically teaches us the meaning of life through a fable of a high shot lawyer. It shows how materialistic one can be without failing to understand the true meaning of life but then something, an experience, can open our eyes and make us seek greater truths.

I believe that every book we read must give us something in return. It can be the simple joy of enjoying a story or more profound, such as serving as an inspiration to us. The reason I liked this book is that it gives actionable suggestions that I can adopt to reach my goals and dreams but at the same time teaches me that materialistic goals and dreams will not make me happy. It forces me to think about the balance between materialism and spiritualism and in some sense can be compared to the middle path espoused by Lord Buddha.

This book has so much meaning now, more than ever, because we can find ourselves getting lost in the high pace life style and neglect to nurture our soul and family.

However, some of the drawbacks of this book is that it gives a lot of suggestions to improve our life which are far too many and in some cases may not be possible to inculcate. And I also believe that some of the virtues which are revealed in the book is actually put together from other sources most notably Buddhism.


Reviewed by on July 16th, 2018