Everybody Matters


I was intrigued by the title of Bob Chapman’s book, “Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family”. It clicked instantly for it could relate to all people around us in a work place. The author chronicles how his family owned company named Barry-Wehmiller confronted near bankruptcy during the Great Recession in the late 2000s, yet they could pull through this very difficult phase when he used the power of people centric leadership role to touch the lives of his employees. Their simple approaches to inspire, lead and care for employees led to profound changes in the attitude, performance and fulfillment; resulted in bringing out the best in a person and had ripple effect in their society.
He went into acquiring companies which were running into losses due to conventional leadership flaws. He took advantage of the ‘Guiding Principles of Leadership’ developed by his own employees with an overarching phrase, “We measure success by the way we touch lives of people,” to restore the companies. He created an environment for his employees to discover their gifts, apply their talents, and be appreciated and recognized to feel valued; geared towards fulfilling lives both at work and at home.
I could connect personally to the teary and inspirational anecdotes in the book although the setting is far different from ours. Their narratives portray how to serve others without failing to live up to their principles. Their success work culture centers around employees trying to be a little better every day, listen with humility and work hard every day professionally and go home a contented person at the end of the day. Any institution or service provider in our country can pick up these amazing approaches and principles from the book and apply in their work place. I am sure it would definitely make a difference. The book leaves no stone unturned to limelight on how everybody matters not only at the work place but at home too. If there were more leaders and less managers, the world would be a far better place to live and work.

Sonam Choden
Reviewed by on November 4th, 2018