ROD JUDKINS is an artist, writer and lecturer at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art, one of the world’s well-known art schools. He has lectured widely about creativity at universities around the world.

His book, “The Art of Creative Thinking” talks about the habits and behaviors of a wide range of successful creative thinkers across the globe, describing their processes and showing how each one of us can learn from them to improve our lives.

After reading this book, it helped me to understand how we can transform our society and ourselves through a deeper understanding of human creativity. The author goes on to mention how schools and society suppress our creativity and make every one of us feel that our abilities are limited. Although we are born with incredible imagination, intuition, and intelligence, many people are trained not to use these creative powers, and as a result, creativity dies within ourselves.

Through anecdotes, the author explains some of the inevitable obstacles that aspiring creative thinkers encounter and the methods they have used to overcome them. He mentions that thinking creativity is not a professional activity, it is a way of relating to our life. Creativity is not all about creating paintings, house or a book but creating the self, creating a better future and taking opportunities that we are missing it currently.

All in all, this book is intended to let readers like you and me to learn on many useful creative thinking techniques and an examination of the thought processes and methods used by creative people. The author has put in his lifetime’s expertise into this book to make readers to think more confidently and creatively.

Kunzang Gyeltshen
Reviewed by on November 5th, 2018