Introspection of authentic leadership

The Authentic leadership-Bill George
This book strongly ask us at the very start, where have all the leaders gone? Personally it makes really sense, particularly in our context, where every organizations of ours have not performed anything better, nothing is being innovated and of course very limited success stories of our organization performance. On the other hand we hear increasing public distrust in our leaders and Literally leadership has become just a normal thing, an act of seat occupation. Our leaders fundamentally lack integrity and self-discipline. In other words, we lack transitional leadership with strong drive of their calling. There are just so many people willing to become leader and very few realize the tool to become successful leader.

The book ‘Authentic leadership’ can be the best solution to fill this vacuum. It provide us whole different perspective of becoming a good leader. As put in the book, we need authentic leaders, with highest integrity and commitment to build the enduring organization. The book provides framework for the leaders to really introspect their practices, define the purpose of leading and more importantly to understand their calling; that is to be the stewards of their organization and make differences in lives of people we serve.

The best way to keep legacy as a leader according to Bill George is being authentic of our own actions. His book challenges the notion that creating new laws to close the gaps would build functioning organization. The Author asserts that more than the law, it is the integrity, self discipline and the values which outweighs any others to build organization of lasting impact. He further goes on to say, leaders should be genuinely interested to serve others and willing to empower people, doing so would enable leader to extract the best out of dynamism every individual brings to organization. He puts the leaders in the inner circle; and this circle expands only when you become purposeful. There should be the loop of constant reflection of our passion, values, behavior, and discipline, which are the core traits of good leader.

The book is constructed mostly on the basis of his experiences as CEO of Medtronic, but he also makes comparative analysis of organizations who have failed miserably. So, its recommended for all who wish to become good leader some time soon.
Sangay Penjor

August 27th, 2019 by