Book Review

I am so glad to read this book ‘Fish’. It was written by Stephen C. Lundin.
This book is about the fundamentals of boosting your team’s morale. When Mary Jane, a new manager faces the challenges of bringing life back to her unenthusiastic and unmotivated team seems impossible, she discovers an ideal place where the employees are so alive and passionate about their work that people stop to just watch them work. There is this business place, and “the dump” is the work level that has all the older adults. It is a very dull place and not a lot is accomplished. Many ideas are brought up in this book about ways to improve morale. She tries to create a book structure where she sets up a situation then she explains way on how to solve and improve that situation. The author has beautifully captured the objectives mentioned above. She set up many ideas and lots of different ways to approach boosting morale. This book was very informative, by trying to make us try the ways to boost morale. Powerful, is one word I would use to describe this book. One strength of this book is that she formatted most of the chapters by putting many different ways of how to do just one thing. Every idea in this book is agreeable.
Mary Jane is a widow and she has two young children. She recently got promoted to manage a department in the company she works for which is known as a toxic energy dump. She can’t afford to quit her job and her manager threatens to fire her and the team if they don’t turn things around.
One day she wanders into the Pike Fish Market and sees how much fun the workers are having. She is approached by Lonnie, one of the workers, who shares the principles
1. Choose your attitude
2. Play
3. Be present
4. Make their day
I got some impression from this book that I can apply this to my everyday life and I think it will improve the quality with which I choose to live and see even the small things that happen in the day to day aspects of life. I hope to apply it to my work and teams.
I would recommend this book to people who wants to start a business as there is a lot of insights one can draw from this simple yet, a very powerful book.

August 27th, 2019 by